Rise of the Changelings #4: Rise to Submit

It has been three years since the discovery of non-humans. Vampires and shape-shifters commonly known as changelings, have come out, and the world still doesn’t know what to do with them.


Dorian’s younger brother, Ian Campbell is a fang addict.  Ian knows this but is powerless against his addiction. The vampire who feeds Ian’s addiction decides to turn him over to the coven to be drained but is saved by one of the young vampires of the coven.   Mason, a changeling, is on the run from the authorities after being falsely accused of bombing the college he attended.  Mason was framed, but with the authorities and the police have been given the power to round up and possibly kill any changeling on sight, he knows that he can’t possibly clear his name.  He joins Rick’s group of rebels and was sent by Rick to pick up Ian.  Meanwhile, Rick is leading a war to save his species.  He receives help along the way from other changelings and humans sympathetic to their cause. Of course, with Ian being an addict, Ricks’s job becomes a lot tougher.  Rick and his group are being tracked every step of the way and Rick suspects Ian of being a mole.  Of all of the books, this one was one of the saddest.  Ian is a good kid who simply lost his way and sank into the unfortunate trap of addiction.  Dorian doesn’t understand Ian: his addiction or Ian’s need to be dominated.  This puts a strain on the brothers’ once close relationship.  Ian’s struggle is heartbreaking and Mason is just the man he needs to help him through his addiction and gives him what he needs as far as a D/s relationship.   This series is fabulous; there are constant plot twists and turns, you wouldn’t believe it.  This is book #4 in a 7 part series that must be read in sequential order.



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